Controlling The Masses 2

by C-Jay

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Controlling the Masses 2 is the new EP by MD rapper C-Jay, released just in time for the new year.


released January 1, 2015

I wanna thank God, my Mom for helping me through and through. Big thanks to the homie Declan Enright who helped pave the way for this movement and spending his valuable time actually putting in the effort in helping with production on these tracks. Also thanks to my buddy Zach Norris who happened to be in the studio hanging with us that day, and you can find scattered around on here doing background vocals, and is even in our wild skit track. Also thanks to Ananth, Charles, and Nat, who make some pretty rocking music with their bands such as Dissonance and Throw Me A Rope, and their shows are definitely something to check out. Also thanks to the homie Darron "DT" Thompson, Issoufou Tchiany, Matravius Almond, and Lakshan Hettige from the FDB Crew. And lastly i want to thank all the fans and people that follow what i do, and take the time to listen and download my music. You guys are all a great inspiration, and i hope we all do more great things in this new year. 2k15 babyy!



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C-Jay Kensington, Maryland

Carlton Johnson "C-Jay" is an independent Rapper, Artist, and Producer from Kensington, MD.

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Track Name: The Come Up
Wake up one morning and I see all the destruction
Just ten years young I was thinking everything was perfect
Holes all in my heart and stomach as I make the decision to begin my soul searching
Cops shooting our children and enforcing what they think is justice
Blood and tears dripping in our eyes as our generation ponders what does it mean to be alive
To have a right to survive and have a chance at life but our governmental society just wants to oppress us and keep us locked on sight
This little light in my mind will be always be here in this realm I was always let it shine
What are yall trying to do to give the world a little peace
Talking about riches and all of your lavish things
I'm bigger than that I'm bigger than rap
As I come up I'm taking the throne
Of this rap world and I will shape into my own

Cjay young c
I will make history
Track Name: Fancy Clown (prod. by Madlib)
I knew you were fucking insane
Playing mind games and acting like you always pretty straight
Wondering whether was I ever going to get a piece of the cake
Thinking you wear a mask but it's just society communal tape
catholic precisions and Christian premonitions but your mind clammers at of all your pictures
I thought there was a place but memories of you in my head just make my inner neurons completely suffocate
Listening to the calls of a heaven that's upward bound
But when I last checked my GPS and realized it's just this mixtape engulfing this love hurt mental crowd
Thinking of times past when my rhymes inspired the whole world all around
I carry the crown of a war torn nation
Like all kings a nice queen is all they need to control the playing cards that is these rappers and emcees
Just thought you had some potential to face this journey with me...

see her as she sits in the cold hard bleachers, I should be working,
Probably should be at home trying to do some studying, but the visions I had of you were piercing me all thru and thru, thinking one day beauty was a candle and I was ready with the fuse,
But as I look a little closer with a bird's eye view, another nigga all on her body tasting her tongue throat triple x pda all through the school,
it's all cool,
My mentality finally woke up finally enlightened to the one and only truth, subterfuge dead end tool, broken inside but would never let my genius carry her boo,
Just a Fancy Clown that would never let me pick her up from off the ground...
Track Name: Undefeated (prod. by J Dilla)
I am a super hero
My rhymes are fearful hymnals my jive is simply lethal
No one can touch me now I've hit the sky I'm not coming down
Rose above the norm I still gotta grow up but I feel I know so much more
Our generation is like a door
So I play this mixtape rocked this key from here to the floor
Center stage I rock the mic like kenshin sliced a sword through your pen
I am the one and only brother that will conquer and win
straight outta wheaton I am the new king of East coast
Not a glocc or big weapon will ever make me cower and wimp
I am a metaphorical genius and I will never be defeated thank you all you r the realest c-jay will be here forever with thee

Da-da-daaaaa-da-da (x2)

Da-da-daaaaa-da-da (x2)