C​-​Jay: Between Friends Remix

by C-Jay

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(prod. By Flying Lotus & Thundercat)


I set the card right
Spitting so much shit about to get into bar fight
His might ignite with his pen held tight
With Gunshowers and rolexes all through your stereo
My real life is definitely not a scenario
As you Look into my eyes and you find the piece of the puzzle
Got the crew by my side my rhymes are chimed and oh so wondered
Peaked outside my door and saw a wretched cold world rumbled filled with 16 bit bars but no verses just mumbles
My flow goes on for miles your words say nothing
This is why i am the one man standing
With Super Duper might
Superhero flow
Calls myself the One man legendary hoe
Hit the pavement with no engravement
Its a Fine day lets get out and go get our payment
As we ball out and buy shit only broke ones stay embarrassed
You think you in a world called Wayne but better listen up cause i can break you bad like Bane
i take a stab at this mic and the whole club screams let it rain
So enticing and so fluresocent
No injustice no enhancement
i dont need preparation all i do is i bring anthems
Dont test his patience he'll just overtake your presence
What is his name CJay young wild free and forever bless-ed
Not only did he preach but he just sent you all a set in stone brash message


released April 11, 2015



all rights reserved


C-Jay Kensington, Maryland

Carlton Johnson "C-Jay" is an independent Rapper, Artist, and Producer from Kensington, MD.

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